About Us

Simply Motor is a blog which takes a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek approach to motoring. A relatively new creation, this site is becoming increasingly popular, partly down to there being something for everyone here. From more serious news direct from the industry, to humorous magazine columns written by the editor, we have it all. There are videos from time to time, and lots of pictures.

If you are in the market for a new car, or just interested to see how good new cars are, then this section will interest you. At Simply Motor we are starting to build a good bank of reviews where we put some of the latest vehicles to test. Scored out of a maximum 50, you can see how they rate in terms of looks, driving experience, economy, practicality and fun. Obviously there are heaps of photos too, and they make a great read.

Dan Woods - Editor-in-chief
Simply Motor is the brainchild of Dan Woods. As a twenty-something, he can offer a fresh and dynamic perspective and is well informed to comment on the industry. Motors has been his passion since childhood, and this enthusiasm has grown over the years . Coupled to a good sense of humour and opinionated personality, his pieces offer a light-hearted read whilst still being informative. Other interests which may crop up from time to time include mountain biking, rallying, a variety of other sports, travel and fine dining.

Tony Garrett - Assistant Editor
The other face of Simply Motor is Tony Garrett. Having worked in the motor industry for many years he's seen the development of the modern car, and comes across a great variety of cars daily- providing a great basis for opinion. Tony's car history makes for inspirational reading, and he also has experience of rallying, again in a variety of cars- from a MkII Escort to a rapid Astra GSi. As a keen and enthusiastic driver, he's a vital member of the team, and his sense of humour means that Simply Motor remains light-hearted and fun.

Other Writers
Here at Simply Motor we understand that it isn't easy to start up as a journalist. We encourage young people to give it a go, and welcome any questions you may have. Should you be trying to start up at present, we are happy to offer any advice we can. Part of this could include contributing to the site, and we are happy to have discussions with anyone who wishes to write a piece for Simply Motor.

Get in touch!
Finally, don’t forget to visit the ‘Contact Us’ page where you can let us know what you think of the site, if there are any improvements to be made, or just to express your opinion on some of the issues discussed. The more responses we get, the better, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.