Thursday, 3 September 2015

NEWS - Jaguar F-PACE to be pinnacle of driver-focussed handling

As well as being set to become one of the prettiest cars on sale, the new Jaguar F-PACE will offer driver-focused handling and comfort in a harmonious blend. This is a performance crossover designed around people who love driving. It's been tested on the same roads and under the same condition as any other Jaguar, so you can rest assured that it will contain the same racing blood.

The new F-PACE will reward drivers and passengers alike with a blend of agility and comfort that is unlike anything else in the segment. Whether on twisting mountain passes, flowing country roads or high-speed motorway cruising, the new F-PACE delivers responsiveness and precision with exceptional refinement and composure.

“We haven’t made any compromises or exceptions: the new F-PACE had to be a true Jaguar and had to deliver the dynamics DNA.

“We’ve tested ride and handling to the limit in all environments and in all conditions, and the result is that the new F-PACE is as engaging and rewarding to drive as it is comfortable and quiet. As soon as you get into the vehicle you know immediately that it’s a good place to be.”

Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar

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