Thursday, 23 July 2015

NEWS - AAS Promenade Stages Rally is a sell out!

Well that was fast! In 28 hours enough entries had been received to fill all 90 places available at the Accident Advice Solicitors Promenade Stages Rally. Wallasey Motor Club have now confirmed that they have taken sufficient payments to guarantee the entry. Thankfully we got ours in early! Take a look at the unseeded entry list at the end of this post. There's some tasty cars in there, and some very experienced names indeed. And at number 37 you can find us!

A statement on the club's website read:

"Please note we have now received sufficient payments to guarantee the first 80 accepted entries for the event. Any further paid entries will be held until the closing date when the remaining places will be allocated by the Organisers.

However, don’t panic! In previous year’s the entry has filled almost as quickly but several accepted crews have then withdrawn before the event so many, if not all, of the Held entries got a run. When an accepted entry withdraws, a Held entry will be accepted based on the date payment is received. Any cheques for Held entries will not be banked until an entry is accepted.

Additionally, last year, the maximum entry was increased from 90 to 95 cars and this may be a possibility again this year.

If you haven’t already entered and would still like to, please complete the online entry BUT don’t make any payment.

Thank you all competitors for entering & for your patience."

You can view the unseeded entry list HERE

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