Monday, 6 July 2015

GUEST - Motoring convictions by location; a postcode lottery

After a year-long investigation by top motoring defence lawyer, it has been revealed that there are significant inconsistencies in the punishments handed out to motorists. After 12 months of rigorous research, Neil Davies, senior partner at Caddick Davies Solicitors, has unearthed exclusive information that shows the punishments handed out to motorists committing an offence in England and Wales often depend on where they live or were they were caught.

Davies, who is currently filming a forthcoming documentary to be screened on ITV, used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain information from every Police force in England & Wales and found that, while some were more than willing to send motorists on awareness courses for offenses such as speeding or using their mobile phone, others did not offer drivers such an option or even make them aware they existed.

In short, there is no consistency across more than 40 Police forces with some offences carrying a fine and three penalty points in one part of the country, while other areas simply send drivers on a course to ‘free-up’ the court system.

Davies is keen that drivers are aware that opting for so called awareness courses is often a possibility and motorists should request to be informed of all the options available to them.

‘It’s clear that a postcode lottery exists for drivers in England and Wales and punishment is dependent on where you are caught. Some drivers are going to court and being issued with penalty points while others are sent on a course for exactly the same offence,’ Neil Davies, Senior Partner at Caddick Davies Solicitors.


Neil is the Senior Partner and founder of law firm, Caddick Davies Solicitors. He is a specialist in the defence of motoring prosecutions, appearing in courts throughout England and Wales, while establishing a reputation as one of the leaders in the field, regularly being asked to comment in the media.

This article was written by Matthew Crist on behalf of Caddick Davies Solicitors

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