Tuesday, 26 August 2014

NEWS - Popular cars amongst footballers

The Range Rover is the most popular car with Premiership footballers, according to research by Oracle Finance. The luxury finance broker has dug deep into its records ahead of the start of the Premiership season this weekend to reveal the top 10 most popular cars with football stars.

A large number of Premiership players fund their cars using Oracle Finance’s services because it is the most tax-efficient way of buying supercars – giving the broker a unique insight into the buying habits of the super-rich sports stars.

Oracle Finance managing director Peter Brook said: “We looked back at our records over the last five years to come up with this list and weren’t surprised the Range Rover was top.

“We can’t reveal which footballers use our services because of client confidentiality, but we work with some of the biggest names in the footballing world and have helped hundreds of players, managers and agents fund their dream cars over the years.”

The top 10 most popular footballers’ cars funded by Oracle Finance looks like this:
            Car                                         Footballers funded
1          Range Rover                           28
2          Bentley Continental GT          26
3          Range Rover Sport                 24
4          Audi Q7                                  21
5          BMW X5                                18
6          Porsche Cayenne                     16
7          Lamborghini Gallardo             13
8          Ferrari 458                               8
9          Maserati Gran Turismo           4
10        Aston Martin DB9                  3

Mr Brook said: “Bentley was extremely close to taking the number one spot in our Premiership poll with the GT, but it’s clear SUVs are a favourite with footballers.

“What’s clear from our list is that SUVs are very popular. Our football clients like their cars to be luxurious with high-up driving positions, which is why they prefer 4x4s to out-and-out supercars. Few cars offer all that like a full-fat Range Rover.”

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About Oracle Finance…

Every year Oracle Finance underwrites more than £250m of business, funding thousands of new and used cars for clients across the UK. Oracle Finance is an independent company, dealing with a wide range of lenders to give customers a greater choice of products and competitive pricing. For more information call 08450 944997 or visit oraclefinance.co.uk

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