Tuesday, 25 February 2014

JLR Experience - Range Rover Evoque SD4 Prestige Coupe

One car that has been paramount to Land Rover/Range Rover success in recent years is the Evoque. With impressive styling, a new range of engines and a list of equipment fitting of the Range Rover reputation, it was always going to be a hit. However, I don't think anyone realised just how much of a hit it would be. In the first year or so, production couldn't even up, and now there are a fair few on the road. But it's not so often you see two the same; thanks to an impressive level of customisation available.

The one you're looking at here is the SD4 Prestige Coupe. It has a 2.2-litre diesel engine with a 6-speed automatic. 190PS and 420Nm mean 0-62mph in 8.0seconds and a top speed of 121mph. This is a 4WD version as well, so you have a bit of the Land Rover essence in there too.

Being the Prestige, this one's all about luxury. It has the Windsor leather and electric seats etc etc. Sadly the exterior is somewhat let down by the exterior styling. The coupe version of the Evoque looks a lot better in the sportier 'Dynamic' guise.

Inside I love the panoramic roof, and the lovely seats. They're comfortable, too. What I don't understand is why the 'slide' aspect of 'tilt and slide' has been automated. And it goes at what can only be described as a glacial pace. It feels like minutes are lost waiting for the seat to move. I fear this may be electronics gone mad; automating something which simply didn't need to be.

I still think the Evoque is one of my favourite cars on sale at the moment. So much so that I've booked one as a wedding car. It will definitely look the part in Fuji White and Dynamic trim. So keep an eye out for that one in future.

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