Monday, 28 October 2013

SMMT Test Day North 2013

Tony and I were fortunate enough to be invited to the 2013 SMMT Test day North. The idea is simple; some of the biggest manufacturers bring a couple of their cars for people to grab for half an hour and go on a quick road test. Continue reading to see how we got on this year.

There were plenty of cars on the itinerary that interested us this year, and choosing which ones to actually go for was going to be difficult. We opted for the ones which we thought you guys would find interesting, and I hope that's the case. In order to try and maximise the experience of the day we shall be posting individual cars. There will be a few pictures and some details. Obviously it's hard to get a full impression of a car from a half-hour drive, but you can get a basic feel and initial impressions can count for quite a lot.

I won't tell you what cars will be coming, as half the fun is in the surprise. So keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks, as I'm sure there will be something you'll like!

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