Thursday, 30 May 2013

NEWS - Maserati Ghibli first images

These are the first official images of the upcoming four-door executive saloon from Maserati which was first shown to the world at the Shanghai Motor Show. Whilst the looks have been praised by many, the main thing that has raised a few eyebrows is the name. The Ghibli- no that is the correct word- is set to break new ground for Maserati.

The Ghibli will have a sportier character compared to the larger Quattroporte, launched at the beginning of this year. The Ghibli will be available with two turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engines, an eight-speed automatic transmission and both rear-wheel drive and the new “Q4” all-wheel drive system.

The Ghibli will also become the first Maserati production car in history to be powered by a diesel engine, with a 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel.

It is Maserati’s first saloon in this segment and reflects the company’s belief that a growing number of premium executive car buyers are looking to make an individual statement through a car that is distinctive, elegant and luxurious.

The Ghibli will play a significant role in Maserati’s growth plan to sell 50,000 cars per year.

First thoughts on this car is that it is stunning. Whilst the name is strange, you do kind of get used to saying it after a while. That's partly why I mentioned the word Ghibli so many times in this piece, as a way to get used to it. I am really looking forward to further developments with the car, and hope to see one in the flesh at some point as well.

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