Monday, 11 February 2013

NEWS - Legend Fires North West Stages 2013

Well, it soon came and went. The 2013 Legend Fires North West Stages were this weekend just gone, and I managed to get myself up there to watch. With cars from across the spectrum- from 1000cc Micra's to full-blown WRC-spec cars, there is certainly an entertainment value to it. As you would expect I took my camera and managed to get a few snaps in for you. Whilst I whittle down the interesting films I shall give you just a few pictures from my filming points.

The picture above is at Trax Motorsport up in Preston, where the night stage was held on the national spec go-kart track. Thanks to a few floodlights dotted around I was able to see more than just lights, although if I'm honest the sound was enough to satisfy the needs of a petrolhead.

The picture below is from the Fleetwood stages of Saturday morning. This section was quite a good spectacle, with many different lines being chosen and also some cracking overtaking being done. Top award goes to Kevin Procter in his WRC Subaru Impreza who pulled off a near-impossible overtaking manouvre.

The next picture is from Saturday afternoon down at the Blackpool Promenade stages. This was a rather fast straight into a double hairpin (which was extremely greasy) and back onto another fast straight. It ended up being rather good fun to watch because many cars were struggling to get the power down after such a tight corner. There was some exuberance also which, coupled with the shiny surface, meant spectators got something entertaining.

I shall try and get some videos together and uploaded with some of the best bits soon. Just to mention briefly it was Paul Bird who took the overall win this year in his 2007 Ford Focus WRC. His driving style was certainly great to watch on every stage, and you could get some great sideways footage of Mr Bird. It was obvious from the off that he was driving to win, and it was a well deserved. There were 33 retirements from this year's rally showing that it is a tough one to finish!

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