Friday, 11 January 2013

SMMT Test Day - Ford Focus ST

Now this was a car Tony and I were not going to miss at Wetherby. The all-new Ford Focus ST (as featured in The Sweeney movie) would be available to drive. The 2.0-litre turbocharged engine produces 250PS and there is a new front differential which helps get this power down and tries to prevent the torrent of wheel-spinning, torque-steering antics that the engine would cause. So how does it compare in reality then? Rather well actually, because it feels every bit as good as it looks. The whole car is polished to perfection, from the seats to the display, to the large centre exhaust and the huge alloys. It also makes a wonderful noise too. Yes, this might have been an estate version, but it's still absolutely brilliant.


  1. Hi, I love Ford focus. This is a great looking car but the transmission is horrible. Really irritating. It does NOT get 28/38 mpg try 20/34mpg actual. 23mpg combined. I waited until after the break in miles to see if the tranny would smooth out. It doesn't. Its terrible. Now i'm thinking about trading it in already. Should have went with the mazda 3 skyactiv. Friend has one he gets 45mpg hwy 33 city 35 combined. Tranny is silky smooth. S mode in the focus does nothing but keep you from 6th gear. Rolls backwards on hills..

    1. Sorry you're disappointed in the Focus. The models I've tested have had no problems at all. I haven't come across the Mazda 3 in my own experience.

      I also have a Focus ST coming for review this year so I will be able to see what it's like to live with for a week.

      Thanks for your comment.