Saturday, 22 December 2012

SMMT Test Day - Toyota GT86

This was my favourite car from the SMMT test day. You may well have seen the adverts on television of the new GT86 from Toyota; the whole thing's like a video game. In reality the GT86 is far better than any game; in fact it's better than quite a lot of things. What Toyota have done is take things back to basics. The simple formula for a great sports car; front engine, manual gearbox, rear drive. Perfection. The GT86 is not the fastest of cars, but what it is, is a drivers car. There aren't many of these about these days, and so you have to appreciate them. This car has a twin brother in the shape of the Subaru BRZ, and I have one coming in the new year to test. so keep an eye out for that famous World Rally blue paint in the pictures...

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