Tuesday, 18 December 2012

SMMT Test Day - Mercedes-Benz SL350

Mercedes-Benz; choice of the elegant. Once upon a time, a Mercedes would be that last word in luxury. This image seemed to get lost a little bit, but you will be glad to know that it's back in full force. Merc can make rip-snorting sports cars too, but it is nice to know they can still do the luxury side of it too. This car here, the SL350, showcases that perfectly. Instead of the aluminium and carbon fiber, you get wood and cream leather. The whole car wafts along silently even with your foot hard down. It never feels drastic, or aggressive; that's a job for the AMG. I did wonder why it had the seat bolsters moving to stop you shifting in the corners, because it just felt out of place. This then is a cruiser for the open road; top down, music on, and the warm air of the wind-scarf in the seat keeping your neck nicely heated. Spiffing, old chap!

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