Friday, 14 December 2012

SMMT Test Day - Land Rover Defender XTech

Despite my love of sporty-looking, exciting cars, I do also have a soft spot for the Land Rover Defender. I love the sense of rugged toughness that you get, and you almost feel a sense of rustic motoring when you are in one. The Defender you see in these pictures has looked very much the same since the 1980's, and things like the handbrake lever and hard clutch have remained too. These are not bad things at all; they give the car character and I would happily drive a Landy every day. It's bouncy and changing gear is an art form, but these are just some of the reasons to make you smile. And you get proper off-road controls; no fancy electrics here. The XTech you see here too also looks awesome with the black plating featured.


  1. Good to see you did a bit of an off-road test!

    1. Despite the fact that this car will go anywhere you want it to, it did almost feel a shame to get those gloss black wheels dirty!

      Terrible I know...