Tuesday, 21 August 2012

News - What Car? Feature of 'True MPG'

What Car? True MPG, in association with Tesco Petrol Filling Stations, tests cars on real roads in exactly the same conditions that every motorist faces every day, in order to establish a truer picture of economy figures. This will help users see the results they are likely to achieve in real life when buying a car.

Until now, the only information that’s been available is the car makers’ own figures, which are determined under EU law and are conducted in laboratory conditions on rolling roads. Not any more. Car buyers can simply log on to www.whatcar.com/truempg and work out the fuel economy they can expect to get from their next new car using our exclusive True MPG tools.

“With rising fuel prices, the miles-per-gallon issue is high on every motorist’s agenda. Countless car buyers are frustrated that they don’t match the official government fuel figures. True MPG will allow motorists to select a car personalised to their driving needs and budget. We hope that it will become invaluable in the complex and emotional car-buying process,” said What Car? editor-in-chief Chas Hallett.

What Car? tests the vehicles using a portable emissions-measurement system when the engines have reached normal operating temperature. The vehicles are then driven by two experienced engineers over a variety of roads including motorway, A- and B-roads, and through towns and villages. The data from the testing considers driving style, changes in altitude, ambient temperature and humidity and engine temperature.

The state-of-the-art testing equipment is manufactured by Sensors Inc and is well proven globally. It has been used by vehicle and equipment manufacturers for both product development and testing.

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