Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Jaguar Land Rover UK Experience Day - July 2012

I was very fortunate in being invited to a Jaguar Land Rover experience day. The idea is simple. The entire JLR fleet is available for you to test on the local roads, and there are instructors to take you on the off-road course as well. I decided to upload some pictures from my day there to showcase what a great time it was!
Sadly we didn't have enough time to go on the off-road course; maybe there will be another time to do this! Instead we hit the road in 9 different vehicles, from the simple Land Rover Defender right up to the £97,000 Jaguar XKR-S with a rip-snorting 5.0-litre V8 and 550PS. It was also nice to get up close and personal with a Range Rover Evoque. With them being in such popular demand with customers and journalists alike, it's one that would be hard to get hold of for a road test!


  1. Epic!

    Wish I had your job!
    Great pictures as well.

    1. It certainly is a lot of fun, and days like that make it all worthwhile.

      Glad you enjoy the pictures.