Wednesday, 6 June 2012

REVIEW - Peugeot 207 Sportium

After completing several reviews now, I noticed that I hadn't really tested any of the more 'affordable' family cars, and decided I should give it a go. Thankfully Craig and Steven at Peugeot were more than happy to help, and I am very grateful that they arranged a Peugeot 207 for me to test. I enjoyed my time with the car, read on to see how it scored.

Looks - 6/10

The Peugeot 207 has been around for 6 years now, and we have become accustomed to the way it looks. Taking over from the 206 was a tough act, and it managed to do this whilst growing and becoming more spacious. The problem is that without the bodykit found on the Sport/GT/GTi models, the body is just lacking something. I felt that the wheels, at 15-inch, were maybe too small, and some larger alloys may have made the car look a bit more lively. That said, finished in a nice colour and with the tinted windows, it does have a nice feel to it as a whole.

On the inside the seats look nice, as do the dials featuring chrome surrounds. The door trims are disappointing, but the overall feel of the dashboard is pleasant, and is laid out in a logical fashion. The touch screen media centre fits in nicely and adds a touch of class.

Handling/Performance - 6/10

The model I tested was the 1.4-litre diesel model producing 68PS and 160Nm of torque. Admittedly, there is not much in the way of 'oomph', but then you wouldn't expect there to be. The engine more than copes with motorway speeds it just takes a while to get there. On a country road blast I found the sportium frustrating; it corners really well. The problem I found is that there was nothing to be had in terms of accelerating between the corners. 0-62mph takes 16.9 seconds, with a top speed of 104mph. I do expect however, that people who buy this car are not looking for a hot hatch.

Economy - 9/10

The 1.4-litre diesel engine makes up for its lack of power with impressive fuel economy figures. The average fuel consumption is 67.2mpg, and emits 110g/km CO2. This means that 12-months road tax will cost you a mere £20, so it won't drink your money that's for sure. The only reason I couldn't score the Sportium a 10 was because there are times when the lack of power causes you to push the car slightly harder, particularly when 3 or 4-up on passengers. Obviously this does affect the fuel consumption and the 1.6-litre diesel may be a better all round choice.

Practicality - 8/10

I had the 5-door model 207, and for a small hatchback it is relatively spacious. The boot is a reasonable size and will easily hold your weekly shop. There is also sufficient leg room in the back for children, and also adults providing the driver doesn't sit too far back. The dimensions are easily judged when driving, and despite the spaciousness the car never feels big or heavy. Manoeuvring is a doddle too, and the 207 can fit into most spaces with ease. For a family car the 5-door model is definitely the one to have. It makes loading the kids in easier, and without much of a compromise on looks.

Fun - 7/10

For a family car on a budget you will probably struggle to get more for your money. The 5-door model I tested was practical for the family, but had the sat-nav and touch-screen media centre which adds a bit of fun to any journey. As mentioned it also corners quite well once you get up to speed, and can be quite an involving drive too. Anyone who has one of these Sportium models will not be disappointed by the level of equipment, and will probably enjoy driving it.

Concluding Remarks

The 207 Sportium is a great little car. Whilst you shouldn't take the 'Sport' part of the name too literally, the level of equipment is great. In particular the multimedia centre is a gem, and extremely great to be featured on the car as standard. The 5-door 1.4-litre diesel I tested will cost you £13,695 OTR and metallic paint is an extra £440. This aside, there is no need to spend any more, because the standard equipment is more than sufficient. This is a great family car offering good value for money and low running costs. A huge thanks to Craig over at Peugeot for arranging the loan for me.

Total Score - 36/50


  1. Nice, informative review there of the 207 there Dan. It sounds like the 1.6 HDi would be a better all-rounder. Keep up the good work.

    Luke :)

    1. Hi Luke,

      I do think it would be. The 1.6 HDi is also available in OXYGO trim, meaning free road tax and great economy.

      Truth be told though, now the 208 is upon us I expect sales of the 207 to fade out somewhat, and all the engines in the new range are super efficient. Can't wait to get my hands on one to demo!


    2. The 207 hasn't been as successful as the previous 20-Series Peugeots. They haven't sold in the numbers the 205 and the 206 has. Like you said with the new 208 on the horizon, sales of the 207 will plummet.

      I'll have to try and get my hands on a demo 208. I hope they churn out a decent GTi that many Pug fans have been wanting to get.