Friday, 22 June 2012

Llandegla Forest - 09/06/2012

I wanted to put the Mitsubishi L200 sat on my driveway to good use. Mitsubishi had been kind enough to lend me a Barbarian Black Edition, for which a full review is upcoming. Despite the bad weather me and some friends decided to load up the L200 and take a punt on the weather. We headed for our favourite mountain biking spot, Llandegla Forest, just outside of Wrexham.

Miraculously, the sky above the forest was clear and the sun was even shining. We unloaded and set off onto the spectacular trails of the forest. Professionally built, the trails have a variety of grades, right up to the 'black' runs which have the biggest drops, the biggest jumps, and are generally the most fun.

We even made a new discovery in the form of a newer route which we hadn't ridden before, called the "B-Line". Filled with drop-offs and jumps, this line is my new favourite, and I could ride a continuous loop of it all day. It suits all riders because every element is rideable, but can offer some great jumps for those looking for a bit of air time.

I plan to make another trip to Llandegla later on in the summer, and I'll be sure to get some filming done to showcase some of the day's highlights.

For now, I have included a video below. This is of a professional coach, Neil donoghue, riding the B-Line. Whilst his speed and technique are far beyond me, it does showcase the cracking trail and just what the Llandegla Forest contains. Enjoy it!

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