Friday, 27 April 2012

REVIEW - Mitsubishi ASX Black Edition

One of the fastest growing market segments in recent years has been the crossover market. Put bluntly, these cars didn't exist 10 years ago. Now they're everywhere, and an increasing number of manufacturers are bringing out crossover models. The Mitsubishi ASX has been out for two years now, and I like it. Better still, Mitsubishi has released a 'Black Edition' and I just had to give it a try!

Looks - 9/10

The ASX is actually a very nice looking car. At first, I was unsure about the front grille which is a commonality across the Mitsubishi range. Over time though this grew on me, and forms part of the ASX's aggressive stance. This is emphasised on the Black Edition, with the lower bumper being black, as well as the wing mirrors, wheels and roof. Finished in Polar White, my test car offered a nice contrast and was a real head-turner.

On the inside, the leather seats have 'Black' stitched into them and also feature carbon-fibre-effect detailing on the bolsters. There was plenty of leather and the cabin quality was nice overall, if a tad dark. This worked on the Black Edition, but may not be as effective on other models. There were more soft-touch materials featured in the cabin, and the dashboard had a more high-quality feel to it.

Handling/Performance - 8/10

My test car was fitted with the 1.8-litre ClearTec diesel engine, which produces 150PS and 300Nm of torque. 0-62mph is hit in 9.7 seconds, and the top speed is 124mph. There is a 6-speed manual gearbox and my test car was the 2WD variant. The ASX drives extremely well. It was easy to just jump in the car and go. It rides extremely well; it manages to be comfortable without being 'wallowy'. Through the corners the ASX doesn't roll as you might expect from a vehicle of its size.

The engine feels powerful, and the torque means gear changes are not as frequent as they would be in other cars. By just over 40mph, you are in 6th gear, and can happily cruise along. As would be expected from a smaller 1.8-litre engine, there is a small amount of turbo lag, but you soon get used to this. The only downside of the drive was that although the car didn't experience body roll in the corners, it felt like a battle to corner at speed. This was only the case when pushing relatively hard though, and would not influence everyday driving at all. Once you get used to the gear change this is also pleasant (although 2nd to 3rd gear took some getting used to).

Economy - 9/10

For a car of its size, the ASX is very economical. The 2WD diesel achieves a return of 51.4mpg (combined) Unlike some cars, this combined figure was very easily achievable, and on a good motorway run economy was more like 56mpg. Out of a full tank you will get over 600 miles easily, meaning you don't have to fill up so often. Emissions are 145g/km CO2, meaning that road tax will cost you £130 for 12 months, and again this is very reasonable for a car this large.

Practicality - 10/10

Being a crossover, you would expect the ASX to have plenty of space, and it does. The cabin can seat 5 adults comfortably, and the boot is a very reasonable size. The capacity is 442-litres but can be 1,193-litres with the rear seats folded down. It was no problem putting two mountain bikes and all our gear in the back with plenty of leg room up front.

Despite its size, the ASX is extremely easy to manouvre, and parking isn't a problem whatsoever. This is aided with the parking sensors and reversing camera which are standard features on the Black Edition. Keyless entry and go also provide practicality, and the computer system is very easily used. It provides information about fuel consumption, and has up and down shift indication.

Fun - 8/10

The most fun part about the ASX Black Edition is that it turns heads wherever you go. Everytime you drive past a shop window you can't help but look at your reflection. This car puts the fun back into family cars, and for this reason I highly respect it. Would I own one? I would have to say yes. Being so pleasant to drive and having the practicality needed for a family car is good, but then having the black features on the exterior and a brilliant iPod connection makes this a great all-rounder for a family man who still looks for the fun side of life.

Concluding Remarks

I was pleasantly surprised by the ASX. In particular, I liked the fuel economy considering the size of the vehicle. The price for the 1.8-litre diesel Black Edition is £23,745 OTR which is reasonable considering the list of standard equipment. And who could say no to the black wheels, mirrors and roof? I know I couldn't...
Big thanks to Shona at Mitsubishi for arranging this car, I really enjoyed my time with it.

Total Score - 44/50 


  1. Sounds like a cool alternative to the Nissan Qashqai and VW Tiguan.

    1. Definitely. A Qashqai is a bit bigger, but there is ample space with the ASX. Very cool with the 'Black' kit on it. Mitsubishi have joined the Dark Side, and it works very well.

      I'm also going to test the L200 Black Edition (same style of white/black contrast) later this summer as well, got a big bike trip planned to Wales to put it through its paces!

  2. Your review about Mitsubishi ASX is informative. It is really great work. People love Mitsubishi and customer are getting many facility from Mitsubishi Companies. I have bought Mitsubishi pajero
    . I really enjoy to drive this car.

    1. I'm glad you liked the review. Mitsubishi do make some great cars and I'm sure your Pajero will be great fun to own.

      I have a new Mitsubishi, the Outlander, coming for review in December. Keep an eye out for that review.