Tuesday, 10 April 2012

NEWS - Say hello to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

As petrol prices soar and the pressure to become green gets stronger, it was feared by many that we would have seen the last of the big engines. V12's and V10's would be replaced by smaller, turbocharged V8's and before we know it everything will run on leaves and save the planet. This is not the case, as Ferrari unveil the new F12 Berlinetta, a car it adds to a host of new-generation V12's.

And just look at it. I can't help it; the F12 Berlinetta is something of magnificent beauty. With sweeping lines, a fierce grille, bonnet vents and four prominent tail pipes, it certainly gives off an impression that it means serious business. When you discover that underneath that aggressive stance is an all-new V12 pumping out a colossal 740PS and 690Nm of torque. Better still, the 6.3-litre unit will rev up to a redline of 8,700rpm, and we are very sure it will not get there quietly either!

0-62mph will be dealt with in a swift 3.1 seconds, and the Berlinetta will go on to a top speed upwards of 210mph. The chassis has been designed to achieve perfect weight distribution, and with a 46%-front 54%-rear split, it certainly is balanced. Not only is the F12 Berlinetta the most powerful Ferrari on sale today, it is also the most high-performance road going Ferrari in the company's history. Thanks to the chassis improvements, F1 Traction Control and the engine and gearbox sitting lower down, the F12 is also more nimble and agile than would be expected.

No word on pricing as of yet, but if you have to ask you can't afford it; we aren't expecting it to be cheap.

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