Sunday, 26 February 2012

NEWS - New Astra VXR will feature Recaro superseat

The all new Vauxhall Astra VXR will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show with front seats that are substantially lighter thanks to cutting-edge technology, have a lower seating position and enhanced side support to enhance cornering experiences for drivers.

The Astra VXR’s new front seats are formed using an injection moulded sheet in the seat shells, which reduces their weight by 45 per cent compared with a conventional shell. The sheet is filled with a composite material made from polyamide and fibreglass, and its strength and agility means that it only needs to be two to three millimetres deep, and therefore a lot lighter.

Bringing driver and front passenger lower to the Astra VXR’s centre of gravity, the new seats are mounted 17 millimetres lower than in the Astra GTC, and 40 millimetres lower than in the Astra Hatch. In addition, the new seats can be adjusted up to 18 ways, depending upon specification:

· Entire seat backwards and forwards (2)
· Entire seat upwards and downwards (2)
· Seat backrest forwards and backwards (2)
· Seat cushion angle adjustment (2)
· Seat cushion length adjustment (2)
· Four-way lumbar support adjustment (4)
· Adjustable side bolster support in back (2)
· Adjustable side bolster support in seat cushion (2)

Pneumatically adjustable cushions, found in the seats’ flanks, can also be adjusted at the push of a button, and provide ‘tailor-made’ seating providing the comfort and safety reserved usually for competition drivers.

These very technological seats are also the first of their kind to receive certification from the AGR (Action for Healthy Backs), an independent German organisation of leading doctors and therapists. In order to receive approval, the seats had to conform to ten criteria, including checks for lordosis support, and that the seatback contours adapt precisely to the natural curvature of the spine.

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