Wednesday, 21 December 2011

NEWS - Jaguar XF completes epic journey

Jaguar has created a short film charting the progress of the XF 2.2 as it crossed 11 states, 2,884-miles and three time zones. More impressively, it achieved an average economy figure of 62.9 mpg along the way. This made it the most efficient Jaguar ever.

The journey attracted hundreds of comments and followers on Twitter and Facebook as Senior Press Officer, Faye Goldstraw, provided live updates on the progress of the trip from the support vehicle following the XF.
The entirely standard XF 2.2D was shipped to North America to prove its efficiency as it took on the epic journey from coast to coast. The car performed faultlessly, delivering its peak economy of 67 mpg on the penultimate leg of the journey – a trip that saw the XF take on snow, rain and sun, 50 mph headwinds and elevation changes of over 7,000 feet.

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