Tuesday, 20 September 2011

VIDEO - Oh how car adverts have changed...

Found this video whilst having a quick browse this morning, and it just made me think. This advert was broadcast in 1988 for the Austin Montego and I'm sure some of you will remember it...

Now can you imagine if an advert like this was made today. Well it wouldn't be, because it would never make it past the drawing board. Any person daring to have an idea such as this would be deemed irresponsible and acting in a manner not compliant with the company's Corporate Social Responsibility policy and would be fired.

I don't know why though. Lets face it, anyone who sees an advert like that and goes out trying to drive a Montego on two wheels deserves everything coming to them. It shouldn't be the worry of a company that there are people in this world stupid enough to copy what they see on the television, and they shouldn't be restrained with their creativity.

The modern world of adverts is just not as fun as it used to be. Companies try and be clever, make inferences about products, leave us guessing, being overly factual, or telling us nothing at all. Me? I prefer the old way. the "here's our product, now watch something fun so you remember it". That's why the Montego ad was done; to be fun and memorable.

Another example of this was the Volkswagen Passat advert, with the little girl who kept saying "Bollocks". This never made it to the TV due to 'offensive' language, but I find this silly and that was another great ad (the proof being its success as a viral Internet ad). Before we know it cars won't be allowed to drive in adverts, and they will be indoors to keep the risk assessment short.

Enjoy the adverts, as I imagine the fun ones will become few and far between.

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